воскресенье, 27 января 2013 г.


01. Rival Mob - Mob Justice LP is out now!
The most anticipated record of 2013!
Vinyl, cassettes, posters, shirts and pins.

Also Magic Circle cd's are ready, so...you can hear it soon!

02. Vigilante 12" from Australia on Six Feet Under records!
Pre-orders will be start next week. Can't wait. Demo rips.

03. Violent Reaction, The Flex, Ego Trip...
UK is on top and gonna make you pay!

VxR LP on Painkiller and US tour in April / New run of Demo tape here
The Flex 7" in March / Flexual Healing vol.1 tape here
New blood Ego Trip is mosh your ass / Demo tape here

04. Free Spirit, Easy Way Out, United Youth, Urban Blight RIP
Bad news, but new projects are sweet as hell.

05. Check them out. Sweet demos!

P.S. Last issue of the great zine Chunks is out now!
Do it or cry later.

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